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Do you have a favorite heirloom (important object with history and meaning) and why is it important to you?

March 5, 2008 by halerayg5 · 10 Comments · Uncategorized

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  • jenna b.

    My most important thing to me is a blanket that my great grandma’s hand made blanket that she made for me a month before she past away. Every night I sleep with it and think of memories that I had with her.

    If any thing happened to that blanket I would be horrified and probably never come out of my room. When I look at the blanket I feel as if I can still see her face embroided in the blanket but its not. I loved sitting next to her while she read a story to me and we were both sitting under what I call my blanket of memories

  • Anna Marie Ciccarello

    An important object that I have is a key chain that I had just before my Grandpa died. It also looks like him with the gray hairs.

  • Sarah M.

    When I was born my grandma bought me a teddy bear. Not just any teddy bear, but the last one made of those types of teddy bears. I think that it was made in like Brazil or something like that. It has a heart that you can take out to change the batteries(it is not a Build-a-Bear), and when you push on the heart it sounds like a heart beat. But the heart doesn’t work anymore, no matter how many times you change the batteries.
    My teddy bears name is Teddy(obvious) but the name that is on its shirt says “Heart to Heart Bear.” I sleep with my teddy bear every night. He has been in the wash soooooo many times because I always used to feed him, but sometimes the food would fall onto him.
    One time my neighbors and my family were playing football and there was a tire swing that I was playing on with my teddy bear(this is when I was like 5), sooo it started to get dark and we had to call it a night. But when I was in bed I couldn’t fall asleep because I knew that something was missing. And in the morning I told my mom that my teddy was lost. It turned out that I left him on the tire swing. :-( :’(

  • maria.h

    The heirloom I have is a watch I got for my birthday. It is special to me because it was my grandma’s. It doesn’t tick but it is special because I never got to meet her. I never got to meet her because she died from a stroke before I was born. It is very special to me. I also have a blanket that is from hand made wool. She made the wool herself at a store. She made the blanket for me to give to me at my birth but she died a year before.

  • Julie.F

    My favorite heirloom that I have is a necklace that my mother gave me when I was born. It is shaped like a teddy bear and is pure 24 carrots gold. The teddy is holding a doll which is a pinkish color gold and I keep it in a special place in my room. I where it on special occasions and it reminds me that my mom loves me soooooooo much and that she protected me through all the bad times in the divorce.

  • alyssaD

    My favorite heirloom is all my dads steins. I like them becouse they are somethinlg from germany and thats where my ancesters came from so its special to me.

  • Brianna C.

    A very important object that I own is a mercury head dime that my grandfather gave me. They are really rare. My sister and my dad have mercury head dimes too. Before I got my own dime, I had admired my dad’s. I wished that my dad would give me his dime some day. Then one day I brought my coin collection to my grandfather’s house so I could show it to him. He had some old coins that he had no use for so he gave my sister and I his coins. He had two mercury head dimes! That’s really rare. So, my sister and I both got one of the dimes. ( I got the better one ) From now on, I guard my dime and the rest of my coins safely in my room.

  • Caitlyn H

    I do have a favorite heirloom that is very important to me. It is my autographed 1981 New York Yankees baseball.

    It was originally my dad’s ball, and was at my grandmother’s house still. And every Christmas, I go to my grandma’s house. I was at there once, and I saw the ball in it’s case on the protected shelving of my dad’s old bedroom. I asked about the ball. All sorts of questions. Trust me, when it comes to the Yankees, I’m dead serious.

    Since my grandmother probably wouldn’t be needing any old Yankees ball anymore, she let me keep it! What a Christmas present! I was so happy. And now, it is on my shelf. I show absolutely everyone who enters my room my prized possession.

    It’s kind of a tradition between my father and I to sign the ball. He signed it when he was 11, and I signed it when I was 9. Maybe I’ll give it to my children and have them sign it! Well, as long as they like the Yankees:)

  • james h

    im gona tell you about the first tractor I got for tractor pulling. It was my moms old tractor that she tractor pulled with.It was a rare wheel horse that is worth a lot of mony. I still pull it but now it is all nice looking now.

  • Fabian H.

    My family heirloom is my old pistol that was found in the 1700′s and it has been past down for many years and when im 16 im getting that pistol…my driver liscense…a car…AND A SWORD!
    A sword that was used in Japan and was used by the commander of the WHOLE army! But the pistol is really cool so it is my favorite.

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