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What’s your favorite outdoor activity and why? Describe what it is you like about it.

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  • david m

    My favorite outdoor activity is fishing. I like the tug the fish give you and the sound of the splashing water. My dad gives me all the pointers I need to lunker a walleye or catch the largest striper in the world.

    When I go fishing the reel and pole matters to me. The reel has to be a spinner reel. The pole has to be a 6 pound pole. These features make me one of the best fishermen in the state of Connecticut.

    The lure also helps. When in freshwater, I use a lure called old faithful. It flies through the water very smooth. It is a wooden fish painted over in red, green, and yellow. In saltwater I use live crabs. When you use live bait the fish are more likely to grab on. The crabs are used to catch blackfish and striper. The blackfish are most common to get caught. You may get a striper 1 in every15 fish.

  • mason

    My favorite outdoor sport is out of this world!!! It’s better than anything! It’s… BASEBALL! I play it every time I have a chance to. I play it at little league, with some friends and at my grandparents house and my house. My favorite and best positions are pitcher, first base, and shortstop. But if we’re playing a huge team my coach will usually put me into the outfield because the other team might have good hitters and hit hard pop flies into the outfield and sometimes over the fence.

    When I was in fall ball and played for the East Haddam team, we were playing Cromwell. While we were warming up my dad dared the person I was tossing with to through it over the fence. He did. I ran toward the fence. It was about to fly over but I jumped up and leaned on the fence and caught it. Even though it was warming up my dad and my coaches were astonished by the catch.

    I pitch a lot. The fastest I pitch is 63 mile per hour. I try going faster and faster but then I get a sore arm. During fall ball I pitched 2 innings but the only thing wrong was that I couldn’t pitch strikes. My coach even said to me that I pitch really fast but I cant just hit the target I want it to hit like a strike.

    I even play when it’s raining. When it’s raining I play baseball on my wii. On the wii it pitches around 90 mph!!!! but that’s not how fast a really pitch. The game I play is wii sports. But it’s pretty boring so I’d rather play regular baseball outdoors.

  • Shane F.

    My favorite outdoor activity is basketball because it keeps you fit and strong. It also is fun to just play for fun. You could play with anybody in your family. It teaches accuracy and hand eye coordination. It is a competitive sport and it is my favorite sport.

  • Kelly.J

    My favorite outdoor activity is soccer. Every fall or summer is my favorite time to play it.

    I like a lot of things about soccer the running, kicking and even the blocking. By blocking I mean the defense. Defense is my favorite position. I love getting to kick the ball away really hard. Sometimes I kick the ball so hard (from the person on the other team) that I knock the person on the opposite team down to the ground.

    I also love to play outfield. Running in outfield is a lot of fun. I go so fast to just grab the ball.

    That is mostly why soccer is my favorite sport.

  • Allison P.

    my favorite outdoor activity is going on a trampaline at my friend Fiona’s house in the summer because I feel so free.

  • Fabian H.

    My favorite outdoor activity is skateboarding because you can go really fast and do lots of tricks like ollies for example.
    It feels like your floating when your skateboarding…kindda…not exactly…ok no but if you close your eyes it does feel that way. But some people give up on skateboarding when they fall and bleed. It does not matter!!!
    Skateboarding is awsome and i will never give up even if i break every bone in my body. You should try it…i don’t mean breaking bones…I MEAN SKATEBOARDING!!!!!!

  • jenna b.

    My favorite thing to do is going outside to play soccer. Soccer helps me keep healthy and always have something fun to do. When I go outside to play I think of a couple things to do which are soccer, basketball, jump rope, and occasionally biking. In the summer I like to swim, and go on my swing set. I know that sounds kiddy but its not. Soccer is fun because you get to run, use your footwork, which I’m very good at.

  • Ryan.N

    My favorite activity outside is sports. There is so many kinds of different sports. I want to talk about my two favorite sports. My two favorite sports are basketball and baseball. To me both of them are really fun. The reason why they are my favorite sport is because I can play them really well and I know both of the games really well too.

    Baseball I love to play with my friends. Well I love to play both sports with my friends too. But baseball is one of my favorite all year long sport. I like watching the pros play on TV. This year in little league I hope I can make the majors this year too. I like playing defense and offense too. On defense I play pitcher, catcher, and shortstop too. When I’m on offense I always hit the baseball really far.

    I love basketball it is my favorite sport in the winter. I would probably guess I am in my back yard about 2 hours a day. But if I’m on a team I would guess that I’m playing 3 to 5 hours a day. I love scoring it makes me feel good. I love playing in games it’s is probably the funniest part of a basketball season. When I play in games I love to guard my friends. To me they are the most challenging. This year I made the travel team for the town. The hard thing about basketball is learning new plays.

  • JAKE.L

    My favorite outdoor actovity is baseball. I play it all the time I play it allmost year round. I made the majors three years ago. I have hit 4 home Runs over the fence and I don’t even no how many times I’v hit the fence. I play catcher pither and shortstop. I pitch about 65MPH and throw perfect strikes. Throw harder when I’m mad

  • Sarah M.

    I actually have two favorite outdoor activities. I have two because I have one for the warmish weather and I have one for the colder weather.
    My favorite outdoor activity for the colder times of the year is basketball. Even though I am not the best at it I still like to play it. I like to play basketball because it teaches you hand eye coordination (like Shane said).
    And my favorite outdoor activity for the warmish times is baseball/softball. I am one of the best players out of 4th – 6th graders. I love to play softball because for one reason it doesn’t have a specific amount of time for when it has to end unlike soccer and basketball. But if it is a school night then an inning can’t start after 7:30. I also like softball because you can never get bored with it. For example: if you are not the team that is batting then you are out on the field playing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, left field, right field, center field, short-stop, pitcher or catcher.
    And if you aren’t on the field, and your team is up bat then you are normally cheering for whoever is up at bat. And when you’re up at bat or on base then you can hit the ball, or slide into whatever base or you can steel a base. And when you are playing you need a lot of energy. I am also in majors and am the school team manajor. I like to play softball because I get a lot of playing time and I like it when the crowd is cheering for me or the team that I am on.

  • Allyn.S

    I go outside everyday and do whatever I feel like doing. I usually ride my bike or pitch and catch some fly balls with my Pitchback. I also play basketball, skate board, or climb up my hill. I can think of a million things to do outside and five-hundred things to do inside. So yea I like to go outside better then inside.

    If I’m with a few people then I can do a lot more things like a baseball match, football, tag, hide-and-go-seek, basketball match, paintball. I can go on forever. Everyday when I get home from school I think paintball is my favorite out of all of them because it is like the new version of tag with guns and paintballs.

  • karina M.

    One of my favorite outdoor activity is gymnastic. I like to do gymnastics outside because I like to flip, do cartwheels, front and back hand springs, handstands, and round offs. That is one of my favorite outdoor activity.

  • joseph.maggi

    My favorite outdoor activity is riding quads, and jumping on the trampoline while listining to music.

  • adam lavoie

    My favorite outdoor activity is tag. Tag is my favorite outdoor activity because it can be played with a few people or a lot of people. Also there are many different ways to play tag. It is also includes a lot of running which I lide to do.

  • David M

    Another one of my favorite outdoor activities is soccer. My most favorite positions are goalie and forward. I started out as the best forward in the league for par and rec. on my first year. I would score exactly ½ of the goals on my team.

    My second and third year I played goalie. I not only was the most daring on my team, I could kick and throw the ball the farthest. When the ball came near me sometimes I was nervous and sometimes I was smooth.

    On my last year of soccer, I was the best defense person on my team. I could almost score a goal from one side of the field to another. As Kelly explained before, you feel free in the wind.

  • David M

    My last favorite outdoor activity is baseball. In baseball I feel alone and unstressed. The position I am best at is third base and outfield. This is what I do.

    At third base you need a strong arm to get from third to first. My whole team in minors thought I would be most suitable. I also have the responsibility of catching line drives. I have a special talent. I can jump very high and dive very far.

    In the outfield, I pay more attention to catching fly balls and hitting the cut-off man. I also feel free in the outfield. It is fun to run in the wind blowing in your face and having the crowd cheer for you

  • Anna Marie Ciccarello

    My favorite activity is dancing. I like it because it’s graceful and fun. I also like dancing to random music.

  • Julie.F

    My favorite outside sport would be horseback riding. I don’t know it just makes me fell free like I can do anything. Do you know that feeling like when you feel like you are in a dream it is such a good feeling.

  • Caitlyn H.

    I have a lot of fun outdoor activities. There is really not one that is my favorite. So I’ll start with some I can do almost every day.

    One of my favorites is jumping. I don’t care where I jump. I jump on my trampoline, which is my favorite activity having to do with jumping. I love jumping into flips, handsprings, my knees, back-flips, back handsprings, you name it on the trampoline. And I jump on the ground. That, to me, is the most original style of jump!

    In the summer, I jump into my pool! In the winter, I jump in the snow, and I jump when I’m hyper and have had too much hot chocolate! The fall is perfect for…none other than…JUMPING ROPE! Basically, I jump all year round.

    I also love to swim. Sadly, this can’t be done all year round (I guess it could, but it’d be really, really cold!). But when it can be done, I have loads of fun!

    I really do love campfires. My family has a fire pit in the forest in our backyard, so every summer we invite friends to sleep over and have a campfire. We tell scary stories, too. It’s so fun!

    This may sound crazy, but I love cliff jumping! I know weird, right?! But at my cousin’s birthday party, there was a huge cliff that people were aloud to jump off of! I wouldn’t call myself totally and completely adventurous, but this I had to try!

    Jumping off was a blast. I could feel my stomach rising into my throat as I took the plunge! My hair flew up and I could feel the wind tugging at my skull. It was amazing!

    However, when I hit the bottom it was not so thrilling. We’re talking 3rd degree belly flop, here! After 7 jumps, I don’t know if I got used to the pain of hitting the water, or I learned how to jump in a way that didn’t hurt. Next time I jump, I guess I’ll find out!

    The great outdoors. Ahhh! Refreshing. But I guess I won’t finish this; as to it would go on forever! These are some of my favorite outdoor activities.

  • matthew.R

    My favorite outdoor activity is baseball. It is the best game. Its fun to hit home runs over the wall and jumping in the air to catch the ball. I always go to the baseball field to play games against my dad and my brothers it is very fun to do with them. One time my dad brought his friends and my brothers to the baseball field and I hit the so hard when my dads friend threw the ball when I hit it the ball hit my dads friend really hard and he fell real hard on the ground it looked like it hurt. After we were done playing baseball we went out for dinner and it was the best day I have ever played baseball on.

  • EMILY T.

    My favorite outdoor activity is basket ball. I love basket ball because it is really fun to play and really fun to play with others. BASKET BALL BASKET BALL. As you can see I love to play basket ball. Its fun to try to put the big orange or brown ball into the orange circle thing also known as the rim of the hoop. I LOVE BASKET BALL

  • Caley M.

    My favorite outdoor activity is hiking. I really enjoy going into my neighbors woods and hiking for half hour to an hour! Sometimes I bring friends or my mom, But most of the time I like it with just me and my dog, Abby outside enjoying the fresh air!

    Rain or Shine I go on hikes whenever it’s possible to. I love the feeling of the great outdoors on summer days!

  • Kevin Mc.

    My favorite outdoor activity is well………swimming! I only love to go swimming in pools or the ocean though. I never really like to go swimming in a lake. What I love about swimming is that you can do about a 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 things to do in there. You could have a race, relax on a floating raft, go scuba diving, play shark with my little sister, or my favorite……doing cannonballs. I also love water over my head. Maybe that’s why I take 30 minute showers. I really love the felling of how free I am in the water. That is one thing I like about swimming.

    Wait a minute! I forgot how much I love camping!! Camping is one of the funniest activities to do!!! Wait a minute! I love riding my bike, playing soccer, having a an outside BBQ is fun too! I guess I love almost every out door activity! 

  • Ethan L.

    I would say I have lots of favorite outside activities like making forts or playing basketball or tennis or just playing with my neighbors.

  • travis.a

    My favorite sport is baseball because you get to run alot and you get to hit the ball far. I also like base ball because you play different postions like first base, and senond, and third, oh and my favorite is pithers mound. That’s why I think base ball is cccccccccccccccccccooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alyssaD.

    My favorite outdoor activity would be swimming. I like to swim becouse its fun and i like to float around in the water and play games.

  • james heil

    My favorite outdoor activitys are tractor pulling, quading, snowbording, skatbording, and going on my trampoling. I like doing these outdoor activitys because there fun

  • james heil

    shane I thought your favorit sport was baseball

  • kevinM

    My favorite outdoor activity is playing sports. My favorite team sport is baseball. It is so exciting to dive and just barley catch the ball in your mitt. I play baseball in the town’s little league, I play with my family and my friends. Last year I made the major league in our town’s little league. Making the majors is cool because it is more competitive in the majors, but it isn’t too competitive, you still get to enjoy playing the sport instead of having to win every game. My favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees and my favorite player is Derek Jeter. He plays shortstop (the position in between second base and third base) for the Yankees and his number is number 2. I love baseball because it is a good way to keep fit and a good outdoor activity. Baseball is my favorite sport and my favorite outdoor activity.

  • brenden j. lucas

    my favorite activity is basket ball and tag.

  • Elsa Crozier

    My favorite outdoor activity is swimming. I would have do it during the summer though or I would freeze to death. I used to take swimming lessons when I was younger and our swimming center would have different colors for what kind of level you were in. I don’t think I made it that far though. Then, just a couple years ago I took swimming lessons at the “YMCA” on Saturdays. I think it would have liked it a lot more if my teacher hadn’t been so grumpy. On the bright side I did move to the “flying fish” level! I also live to just do a free swim because it can cool you off on a hot summers day and it is just pure fun too. Over the past summer our family just got a blow-up pool, but for this summer we’re thinking about getting an actual above-ground swim pool!!!!!!!!! This makes me really excited.

  • Brianna C.

    My favorite outdoor activity is snowboarding. I just love the feeling that you get when you race down a hill at top speed. The wind is blowing in your face and the snow beneath you feels soft and fluffy. It’s too bad that you can only snowboard in the winter. I wish you could do it all year long. I also have a great place for practicing because I have really steep hills in my backyard. You can also go off jumps on your snowboard. I can truthfully say that I never go off jumps on my snowboard. I am not that good yet. Practice makes perfect!

  • Griffin.S

    My favorite outdoor activity is fishing I like it because sometimes it can be relaxing. And I also like it because of the thrilling excitement that pulls you out of your seat. Sometimes you think you catch a big one only it turns out to be a keeper but only its not what you were fishing for. I also love fishing in the deep sea not only because it is soothing but there are large sized fish and when I catch them there usually big enough to stuff. And that is my favorite sport/outdoor activity.

  • maria.horeczy

    My favorite outdoor activity is swimming. I love swimming!!!!!!!!!! There are so many games I don’t think I have played them all. My parents say I swim as long as a frog. My favorite sport is swimming. I want to be on a swim team when I am older. I think it would be cool to watch by millions of people. My goal is only get on a pro swim team. If I get the chance to go on the Olympic swimming team I will take it even if it is not my goal.

  • maria.horeczy

    I think that what you wrote on soccer was very descriptive. I think that if I hadn’t already played soccer I would have tried it out.

  • Rstar

    My favorite outdoor activity….HMMMMM……this is a tough one…. Umm!!! Ok I think this is my favorite activity! I would have to say hiking in the woods because I have always been a nature person. I love the fresh breeze against you. I feel so happy I want to scream or howl like a wolf. It makes me feel so happy when I just sit down on my favorite rock, watch a little stream flow, and listen to the breeze.

  • brenden l. l.

    another one of my favorite activities is wrestling my neighborhood loves wrestling or w. we fight all the time and someone always get hurt or makes fun of someone else but it will always be on of my favorite outdoor activities.

  • charissa j

    I would have to say that swimming is my favorite outdoor activity. Swimming is my favorite outdoor activity because
    it is so fun just to float in the water and to splash all over the grown ups. Also it could totally cool you off if you are really hot one day in the summer. Another thing that is cool about swimming is that if it gets cold outside and its to cold to go swimming then you could go to a indoor pool and have fun there.

  • Becky O.

    I have many favorite outdoor activities that I like. For example I love softball so much. I play it every year, in summer and in fall. I made major leagues for softball and I am so excited to play again. The one thing that I love about softball is hitting. When ever I hit the yellow/green colored softball I get a burst of energy inside of me. When it hits the barrel of the bat and u hear that crack sound you know it will go far. I have my own bat, it’s pink and black. I have had it for three or two years and I use it every time I hit. I also love pitching during games. The way we pitch in softball is not like the way boys pitch when they play baseball. We have to wind our arms and make sure it doesn’t zigzag everywhere. I really like catching pop flies because you get to scream, I GOT IT! And when you catch it in your glove the person who hit it is OUT! My other positions are first base and shortstop. I love playing those two because they require certain things to remember. My last place on the field is catching because it is fun to have all the protection on even though it can get hot sometimes. Well, I think I said enough about my all time favorite sport.

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